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Praise for inefficacy

Inefficiency is necessary, it is even salutary.

In the search for efficiency one loses the freedom to try, to invent, to seek, to fail, to create. Taking an interest in other things, amusement, of course reduces efficacy… in the short term. But even in an economic context, and in a broad sense, curiosity is an investment of time, not a loss. It carries the hope of a growth, at least personal, and often collective. Curiosity is most of all what differentiates the human, versatile by nature, from a machine designed to perform efficiently a reduced set of tasks, but which will not bring anything else.

In a world where the race for efficiency and profitability is well underway, man suffers from the humanity that he is stripped of. And in this race he has lost in advance to machines that will always end up being better than him. It is time to ask ourselves about our place, about the meaning of our existence, and perhaps to realize that our role, our true nature, is not primarily to produce and be efficient.

The question remains as to which society might be suitable for humans.

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