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Technical evolutions

The permanence of connections

From the DSL, cable or fiber box that one has at home to the 4G phone that one has in his pocket and which has network access (almost) everywhere, our devices are connected permanently. Yet these connections are largely underutilized, most of the time nothing passes through.

This permanence is necessary to make the devices play a server role, this role implies to be available for its “peers”. The challenge will be to create a stable system while being extremely tolerant to device disconnections.

Customer side data processing

Devices are becoming more powerful, and client-side processing has become widespread, both on the web and on mobile apps. A web page or an “app” does a lot of data processing, the servers are more and more limited to being just shared storage points.

This evolution makes it possible to consider that only the user’s device performs processing on his data, so only he needs to have access to it in decrypted form. His data is encrypted as soon as it leaves his device, and can’t be decrypted elsewhere.