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Terms and Conditions

Here is the personalized text of the simplified terms and conditions of


Learn about and exchange about the PeerStorage project.

Privacy and confidentiality

This site does not perform profiling (tracking): no backup requests, no data transfer.
You can register and use a pseudonym.
Your data is collected for internal use to provide the expected service.


You can register and use a pseudonym.
These conditions can be changed at any time after informing users who have a period of acceptance or refusal.
Your data is stored in France.
You will be informed of any queries to our services from any authorized third party.
You are notified in case of transfer of your personal data in case of merger / acquisition and can oppose it.


Your content may be used by the service for its own purposes.
You have in all circumstances a right to recover all of your data.
You grant a limited use license (operation and improvement of the service).


Any suspension of the account will be legitimate and proportionate.
Your content may be deleted by a moderator and you are notified.
You can close your account, all data is erased.

Conflict resolution

The applicable law is that of the French State.
You are solely responsible for your account and the contents published.