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Usage evolutions

Domain names become obsolete

Previously, internet users memorized domain names. They typed for example “” in the address bar of the browser. Now access to a new service / site (assuming it is neither in the browsing history nor in the favorites) will be through a search engine. The user will type in “my store” and click on one of the returned results.

Domain names (which can be typed or hijacked), as well as routing (which allows you to physically locate the server), represent vulnerabilities of the current Internet. Being able to do without it makes it possible to designate and retrieve data by a key independent of the location of the latter, and this key is not intended to be memorized.

Search engines become indispensable

When the user types “store” the search engine will display a list of results including “” and “”. Free to search engine to display one or the other first. Knowing that the user will click more often on the first link than on the following ones, this choice is essential. But search engines have many other criteria than the interest of the user to determine the display order.

In this context, allowing the emergence of a neutral search engine that does not affect the order of results according to advertising agreements makes perfect sense.