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A solution

PeerStorage, is intended for service developers.

This is a library of functions to include in applications. When a user accesses an application based on PeerStorage, he or she becomes a network node and serves its peers.

This library will be implemented in JavaScript to work in a browser when the service is used via a website, or in “native” for the main mobile platforms in the case where the service is delivered as a native application.

It will be necessary to collect the consent of the user, for example when accepting the conditions of access to the service, by a clause of the type “You agree to share a fraction of the bandwidth and the storage space of your device to access the service “. This clause is to be compared to the usual clause “You transfer all rights to your data to the service”.

Apart from this clause, that the service is based on PeerStorage must remain transparent to the user who will in no case have anything to install on his device.

The brand and the PeerStorage logo will be able to serve (under conditions to be defined) as label for the services using it. This will be a guarantee for users that they can trust the service.

The business model of PeerStorage-based services will no longer be able to include the exploitation of its users’ data.