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Vote happens daily

When economy takes over politics, traditional voting acts lose their relevance. Elected governments no longer seem in a position to represent their citizens before investors or debt holders. The former Greek Finance Minister testifies about this.

In this context, acts of purchase or investment have become the new form of voting. This is no longer, however, a citizen’s vote, where every voter has a voice. Purchasing power becomes political power, the distribution of which is certainly not very egalitarian.

Maintaining brand image and communicating on ethics have become a necessity for companies because they are reliant on the trust of their customers. Every revelation of dubious practices, every scandal, results in a decrease in business activity. Boycotting a brand because of its practices, or changing consumption habits, have become political acts.

The citizens have not lost power, but the voting process has changed: it is now every day and it no longer takes place in polling booths but in stores. Each advertising campaign is an electoral campaign. And in any case, an enlightened vote depends on well informed consumer citizens.

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